Book Club live on Facebook beginning Thursday night, October 14
Sep 30, 2021
October 3, 2021

I have had a lot of great interaction doing book clubs with a couple of churches going through How (Not) To Read The Bible online. We are going to be doing another one on Facebook live at 6 PM Pacific Time for six weeks on Thursday nights beginning on October 14.

Here is the event link to the first week -

I will be going on live for some interaction about big questions such as:

-       What do we make of the strange Bible verses about not eating shrimp or planting certain crops side by side or not wearing polyester blends?

-       What about the Bible verses that seem to indicate God was OK with slavery?

-       What about the Bible verses which are mocked as being anti-science with there being a “talking snake” or a “rib-woman” in the creation story?

-         Does the Bible promote misogny?

If you can’t be there live at 6 PM Pacific time for discussion as we walk through the 6 sections of the book's contents – please leave comments and any questions on Facebook. I will be going on daily and responding to everything. Positive, negative, critiques and questions.

Zondervan Publishing is putting promos up about this 6 week book club that you may be seeing on my Page.

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