Oct 11, 2020
October 20, 2020

As an introvert I can’t wait until the church meets again in person. Being an introvert and a church leader, it’s always a struggle of anxiety being in crowds but this Sunday as our church meets outside in the parking lot at 4 PM I am ready to socially distant high-5 and 6’ away hug every person there. Normally in pre-Covid times, during the Sunday “mingle” times when we greet each other in the building, I want to go hide and wait until it’s over as I do struggle with extroverted activities. But I know the extreme importance of saying hello and getting to know people not for those who are like me you know what I mean.

When we gathered in person last month when I got up to speak if you were there I got weepy and couldn’t talk as it was so long since we had a larger group meeting. So I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 4:00. We will still have the online gatherings happening at 9 and 11 AM but we are starting weekly outdoor gatherings - until we are able to meet inside. Go to the Vintage Faith Church web site as we are required that people register online or when you arrive. But we shall see you Sunday.

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