Update: Book is back in stock, Study Books, Videos and  Teaching Helps coming will be coming
May 22, 2021
September 30, 2021

The How (Not) To Read the Bible book came out in December and it's been super encouraging to see it being read and used in churches. The good and bad news was that the book sold out the first printing fairly quickly but then it was well over a month before the book got back in print and available again. It is now back on all the usual places you can get books.

I wrote the book with it divided into 6 clean sections so it could be used in a 6-week sermon series, or in a youth or young adult group or class. I am almost done with what will be free downloadable pdf study guides for youth and for adults - making two versions. I also will have PowerPoint and Keynote slides for teaching that will be free and downloadable and you can edit or add your church's information on it. Zondervan had 6 really great animated videos made which is 90 second set-up videos to promote a teaching series or use as set ups for the weeks of going through the book.

Study and teaching helps available by end of July

With all these study helps, I greatly apologize for the delays in getting them ready to have available. The plan now is that they will be available sometime soon here on this web site. If you sign up for the email updates (sign ups are on the home page here on the right), I will be emailing everyone on the list when they are done.

I know that groups have been using the book for book clubs and teaching already. I have dropped into a few of them and its been so fun interacting with those going through the book. If there are churches or groups that are using the book for a series or study, and if you wanted to have me pop in for a meeting, schedule-permitting I certainly can try to join you. Email me dan@vintagefaith.com if that was something you'd find helpful.

I will be starting a 6-week online summer book club going through the book section by.section on Facebook. I will be sharing how that will happen soon if you wanted to interact on that live and then in comments.

Thank you for your interest in the topics of the book as I believe they are super critical and I want to be able to support and encourage the important issue of how to make sense of the pro-violence, pro-slavery, anti-women, anti-science, anti-shrimp and other crazy sounding things in the Bible. My hope is if we grasp how to respond to these from propoerly understanding the Bible, then other difficult things will also then be able to be understood. If there is someone who can't afford the $11.99 on amazon for the book, I will personally buy one for you. I have given out all the ones I got originally, but I don't want to see anyone not be able to learn these things if they want to as it is so important.

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