Update on study helps and videos for How (Not) To Read the Bible
Sep 30, 2021
September 30, 2021

For those interested in the study helps for the How (Not) To Read the Bible book - I apologize for the delay. Over the summer, Zondervan Publishing has filmed six teaching sessions which will be released with a formal study book for the six videos. This video curriculum and study book will be coming out in January 2022. It will be for classes or small groups to use.

However, what will be free here on this web site are the teaching slides, set-up animated videos and two pdf study guides (for adults and for youth). if you are leading groups or teaching this. It's been a really intense last sixth months for me - my younger bother unexpectedly died. As a local church (as many of you know) its been the craziness of relaunching so many things. So I do apologize for the delays in getting these finished and posted here. If you sign up for the email updates I will send out an email the moment they are done and ready. Thank you for your interest in seeing people understand the Bible better and by doing so, understand how much God loves them and how to live the lives He wants us to.

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