Drums in the Living Room
Nov 25, 2020
November 26, 2020

I recently bought a new Ludwig Classic Maple Vintage Black Oyster Pearl drum kit. Becky has allowed me to turn part of our living room into a music area. I now never want to leave this room.

I know they are just drums, but they look like a beautiful art installation. Ludwig designed some sweet looking vintage chrome hardware with 1940's-50's looking chrome automobile-like features.

Behind the drums, I hung up some signed photos of big band jazz drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich who have been such major influences. And I put up a large Sun Studio photo where rockabilly was pretty much birthed from and many amazing blues and roots artists recorded there. I will also be adding a Danny Seraphine item as he was/is another incredible drummer that I idolized growing up and is a living drum legend. He was the original drummer in the first version of the jazz-rock band Chicago before they later changed and became a ballad band. I know this is drum talk, so maybe not interesting to non-drummers…..

Thank you Becky, for letting me set these up in the living room. I am going to call in sick today as I just want to stay home and just look at the drums.

A few notes for drummers:

It's all Zildjian cymbals and I have a DW 9000 double-kick pedal I am learning to use. I have Low Boy Custom Beaters for the bass pedals.

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